Restore hope and dignity to your cancer journey

Surgical oncology and reconstructive surgery unite for complete cancer care whether you long to prevent, treat, or be made whole again.




Restore hope and dignity to your cancer journey

Surgical oncology and reconstructive surgery unite for complete cancer care whether you long to prevent, treat, or be made whole again.




Take back control

A diagnosis or threat of cancer can leave you feeling out of control in a broken medical system. Too often, traditional cancer care is anything but a comfort. You shouldn’t have to be at the mercy of care that is:

Unspecialized, risking delayed or ineffective treatment from physicians who are unfamiliar with the nuances of cancer

Decentralized, leaving you in the hands of disjointed practices that lack critical understanding of your whole health journey

Impersonal, minimizing each decision’s impact on your quality of life and peace of mind

Guided by wisdom and compassion

Restore hope and dignity to your health journey when you’re seen and heard by a physician who is both caring and capable.

The journey ahead is full of hope.

Northeast Texas Oncologic and Reconstructive Surgery is your lifelong home base for nuanced cancer care – grounded in a deep knowledge of oncology that only the training and experience of a surgical oncologist and nationally ranked plastic surgeon can provide.

At NTORS, you’ll be met with:

Experienced wisdom. The best eyes are eyes that see cancer all the time. Rest assured Dr. Rosa Cuenca will approach your unique case with 35+ years of surgical wisdom and national training.

Centralized care. Our team will take time to understand your history and priorities. Each step of your journey will be determined by familiar advocates who know you as a whole patient.

Compassionate support. You won’t take one step alone. Think of us as teammates who fight for your health and empower you to believe you are stronger than you think you are.

A better path

We believe oncology is about being a co-traveler invested in the health of another person. It’s why – since 1986 – Dr. Rosa Cuenca has used her wisdom and experience as a surgical oncologist to build a practice that supports not only comprehensive oncological care, but lifelong health:

  • Preliminary concerns and risk factors
  • Preventative screening
  • Genetic counseling
  • Navigation of genetic disorders
  • Cancer detection and diagnosis
  • Treatment
  • Oncologic surgery
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Follow-ups for life
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Take the first step

We’ll take the rest of them together.

Contact us

Call our office at 903-572-9050 to book your initial appointment.


Take control

We will provide clarity about your condition, develop a treatment plan together, and take each step with you.


Lean on us

We are your advocate for life. Maintain your health with regular exams and screenings.

Rely on careful coordination

When it comes to your health, no detail should fall through the cracks.

You can count on our careful, proactive attention at each step of your journey:

“Choosing to have an extensive preventative breast surgery wasn’t an easy choice. Dr. Cuenca’s expertise and thorough explanation throughout each step of my journey was comforting and assuring. Attention to detail and focus on best outcomes was always the goal of the entire team, including Dr. Jansen and the office group. Thankful for the top-notch care I received.”


“Dr. Rosa Cuenca is the epitome of a woman with intelligence and brilliant surgical talent. She is devoted, caring, and has much compassion for all she cares for.

Dr. Cuenca performs surgical procedures according to how she would want to have one done on her – nothing but the best.”


See more testimonials
  • “I worked with Dr. Rosa Cuenca as an RN. She is the best breast cancer surgeon I have worked with in my 40-year OR experience. Her technique is flawless. She works closely with radiology, pathology, and oncology to ensure that her patients are not having more tissue taken from their breasts than needed to provide the best possible outcome for them.”
  • “I met Dr. Cuenca around 1995 and immediately appreciated her candidness. More importantly, she truly made me feel that I was a friend she would fight for – and we have remained in touch since, even though we both moved. I can’t say this about any other doctor I’ve known, and I think that says it all.”

  • “For me, Dr. Cuenca was – and is – an oasis in the midst of a desert. It’s rare for a small town to have such a distinguished, expert physician. People in other small towns drive hours to find someone this skilled; we are blessed. … I was misdiagnosed and not properly treated elsewhere. Dr. Cuenca quickly identified a serious problem, and immediately sought a solution for me. She actually cares and shows she cares; she’s fighting right beside us for solutions. I would put my life in her hands without reservation. Do your own research and find out just exactly who she is and what her credentials are. I did, and was pleasantly shocked. No other oncologist will ever handle my case.”

  • “Dr. Cuenca is a talented and skilled surgeon. She’s not only a master of her craft, but she cares about the overall health of her patients. We are thankful everyday to not only have such a caring and skilled physician, but also an amazing support staff here in Mt. Pleasant.”

We promise:

You will be heard.

We will listen to you, seek to understand you, and share your priorities.

You’ll begin treatment as quickly as possible.

We’ll never delay or waste precious time.

Wholeness is our goal.

We’ll treat your body with dignity and do everything in our power to preserve it.

Our connections are your connections.

If your unique journey calls for it, we’ll partner on your behalf with similarly minded specialists and oncologic experts in Texas.